CAFACA prepared its first report for customer who bought carbon in 2013. We wanted to produce a good report, but also to complete and test our methods for doing so. As many other aspects of CAFACA, we develop and learn, all the time.

cafaca fnn

Wall- paintig in one temple where we met with farmers.

We visited four locations, from which carbon has been sold. We interviewed groups of farmers, asked them about effects of CAFACA, possible benefits and who they went to, asked if they wanted to continue and possibly expand etc. And we asked for ideas and opinions.

By and large, things were as expected, but some more trees than expected had died. This is probably due to late planting in 2013 (the project started late) and the fact that everybody has had to learn a bit more about managing small seedlings and newly planted trees. It is also obvious that people in some location take better care of the trees than some other groups. This reflects on tree growth and will be reflected in the payment from CAFACA.

cafaca group discussion

Group discussion

At the school in Ang Lom Tong in Kampong Speu province the people had taken very good care of the trees. We had a long chat with some teachers and the monk from the temple across the street. Among other things they were interested in seeds from real (and expensive) hardwood. The monk (Mr. Nov Mei) says he can make a nursery for these seedlings. But seeds of such trees are not easy to get. Luckily Danida some years ago supported a tree seed project (, which may now have relevant seeds. We will contact the Forest Administration and see what is possible. When farmers use readily available seeds, CAFACA provides seedlings for free.. But in case of such special seeds, we may have to ask for payment, because we need to purchase the seeds and provide some training in how to handle them and get viable seedlings. The headmaster at the neighbour school says he has a large area where they could plant trees, but the soil is hard clay. Which trees may grow there? The monk explains which species to select and how to prepare and improve the soil.

cafaca monk

Mr. Nov Mei explains about tree-growing

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