Cambodia is an ancient country with a rich and quite tumultuous history. For westerners, the temples in Angkor Wat and the horror-regime of the Red Khmer probably are the best-known parts of that history.

Modern Cambodia is developing fast, but with extreme inequality. A lot of the clothes bought in the West are produced by young women from the villages, coming to Phnom Penh to work for a minimum wage of 66USD per month. In the countryside many people do not have sufficient food for parts of the year. Many villages do not have safe drinking water for several months and it frequently occurs that powerful people grab land to which they have taken a liking.

This happens while the rich – who more often than not are politicians and senior military staff – accumulate extreme wealth.

Cambodia’s climate is quite unfriendly to farming. The rainy season usually lasts from April till end of October. Between these endpoints the weather may be completely dry, but often some minor rains occur.

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