A company, to benefit farmers

In CAFACA (Cambodia Farmland Carbon) we have started a business in Cambodia, which connects smallholder farmers in Cambodia with global markets for carbon offsets and companies interested in well-documented CSR.

The associations improve agricultural production, supports formation of savings groups and they helps farmers form groups of women, young farmers and entrepreneurs. The associations come together at district, provincial and national levels in ‘Farmer and Nature Network’.

CC mitigation AND development

In CAFACA we mitigate climate change by planting hundreds of thousands of trees on public land in Cambodian villages. The trees absorb CO2 when they grow and some species will also provide fruits or consumption or sale, or leaves, which may be used to feed cattle or fish in fish farms.

The money earned from foreign clients of CAFACA will be used by farmers’ associations to put in the savings group, improve roads, build wells or irrigation, for building a kindergarten, painting the school or for other activities that benefit the entire community.

How does it work?

CAFACA provides the small trees for free. We only get income from selling the carbon offsets. The farmers are also paid for tending the young trees, so they survive their first years. CAFACA makes contracts with local nurseries that provide the plants the farmers have decided they want. The farmers identify where the trees can be planted and sign agreements with local authorities that the land cannot be used for anything else for 20 years. The Danish experts in CAFACA come once per year and measure the growth of the trees and document the social effects. This is then reported to our customers.


A farmer house located in Cambodia during harvest season

what CAFACA does?

Once per year CAFAC staff takes pictures from each location. They are then uploaded to our homepage. Each customer gets a location on that page, and can follow his/her ‘own’ trees.

What happens with CAFACA’s profits

The profits are used for expanding into other areas, with the same model. CAFACA is a socio-economic enterprise. Its sales is undertaken by a sister company (www.trofoc.eu) based in Denmark, which is also a socio-economic enterprise

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